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Heavy Equipment Parts Motor Grader End Bits 6D1904 Side Cutter
  • Heavy Equipment Parts Motor Grader End Bits 6D1904 Side Cutter

Heavy Equipment Parts Motor Grader End Bits 6D1904 Side Cutter

Heavy Equipment Parts Motor Grader End Bits 6D1904 Side Cutter

1. OEM Quality, OEM for Famous Italy Brand.
2. Competitive Pirce with Warrantee 1 Years.
WSG cutting edge / end bit
Heavy Equipment Parts Motor Grader End Bits 6D1904 Side Cutter


30MnB steel or 45# Carbon Steel or 85# Carbon Steel






forging, machining, heat treatment

Surface Hardness

30MnB is HRC42-49, 45# is HRC42-58, 80# is 280-320 HB


ISO9001:2000/GB/T24001-2004/OHSAS 18001:1999

FOB Price

FOB Xiamen USD 20-100/Piece


1 piece

Delivery Time

Within 30 days after contract established

Our Cutting edge and Grader blader are designed and manufactured to meet OEM and industry standard for earthmoving
machinery and equipment.We can provide both heat-treated Boron steel and Carbon steel, it is depend to your market. Boron
Steel with heat treated has the superior performance over Carbon steel.

Our products are suitable for all brands of dozers, and could make as customer's sample or drawing.
After quenching and tempering heat treatment, the mechanical properties could reach the internationsl standard.

2. Our product show

cutting edge

3.Our product list
8294274 16.2
8294681/82 19.9
112-70-31120/30 D30 16*160*370 6.5
112-817-1110 16*160*375 6.9
112-946-1510 D31,D37,D40,D41 16*150*355 7.2
11G-71-31170 D31,D37,D41 16*160*380 7.1
120-Y46-5162/72 D40,D41 20*180*430 10.3
124-70-21330/40 D40,D45 20*190*374 9.8
12F-929-2170(2) D20,D21 16*160*315 5.8
13F-Z27-1581/71 D53,D58,D60,D65 25*230*326 14.4
13F-Z27-1582/72 D50,D53,D58,D65 25*204*325 12.6
140-70-11130/40 D60 20*185*375 9.6
140-70-11131/41 D50,D53,D60,D65 25*254*359 15.7
140-70-11170/80 D50,D53,D60,D65 25*254*359 15.1
140-70-11170/80RF D50,D53,D60,D65 30*225*356 18.2
144-70-11180/90 D50,D53,D58 25*260*330 15.1
144-70-11250/60 D50,D53,D60,D65 25*254*359 15.2
144-70-11251/61 D65,D75 30*237*325 17.8
144-952-1120/30 D60,D65 25*255*388 14.5
14X-71-11330/40 30*247*350 17.86
14Y-71-11330/40 25*210*330 13.35
150-70-21343/53 D60,D65,D80,D85 30*292*435 25
150-70-21344/54 D60,D65,D80,D85 30*292*435 25
150-70-21345/55 D60,D65,D80,D85 30*292*435 25
150-70-21346/56 D85A,D85E-21,D85P-21 30*292*435 25
154-926-1120/30 D85 30*254*445 25
175-70-21123/33 D150,D155 38*280*401 27.5
175-70-21125/35 D150,D155 38*280*401 27.5
9J3658 16*152*2133 34.2

4.Our warehouse show

bulldozer spare parts
End bit
bulldozer parts

Cutting Edges and End Bits for Grader

Material: consists of high carbon steel and high quality boron steel.
Thickness: from 12mm to 60mm, width is no limited,suitable for all kind of machine models domestic and foreign.
Process: process of hot-pressing and compression bending is applied in all end bits and they're made from boron steel.
Performance: product performance has reached international standard, after quenching and tempering.
Variety: single bevel, Double bevel, Drilled double bevel, None bevel. We could provide your need by your drawing, like dimension and bolt hole distribution.

We offer a wide selection of blades manufactured from several grades of high carbon and boron steel. Many of these products are made from both high carbon and boron steel that are heat-treated and hardened to improve the lifespan while meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving and mining applications.


Mechanical properties

30MnB Steel

rubber End bits

45# Carbon Steel

rubber End bits

85# Carbon Steel
rubber End bits

6.Advance equipment

G.E.T parts


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