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High Quality EC210 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 1171-01620
  • High Quality EC210 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 1171-01620

High Quality EC210 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 1171-01620

High Quality EC210 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 1171-01620
1. OEM Quality, OEM for Famous Italy Brand.
2. Competitive Pirce with Warrantee 1 Years.

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1. Product description

Name:High Quality EC210 Bucket Teeth Bucket Excavator Tooth 1171-01620
Material:: Low alloy steel
Techniques:100% Hot-die Forging Bucket Teeth
Color: Yellow, Gree or Specify Colors
Hardness:48-52 HRC
Packing:Standard wooden case or custom make as per required

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2. More photo of Bucket Teeth:
excavator bucket teeth
bucket toothadapter


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4. WSG The production process of bucket teeth

excavator spare parts

  Chemical Composition & Mechanical Properties


Material No


Impact Toughness (ak/JC m2)

Hardness HRC

Tensile Strength


Working Condition



Adapter,side cutter, protect panel etc.

>= 15


>= 1300

>= 4

Normal temperature



Teeth/Loader teeth

>= 13


>= 1500

>= 4



Adapter(>40tons machine) High Quality

>= 20


>= 1350

>= 5



Teeth (>20 tons machine) high quality




>= 5

1.WAX INJECTION: JCB bucket teeth Wax design of the desired castings are produced by injection molding.These designs are called patterns.
2.ASSEMBLY:  The patterns are attached to a central wax stick,called a sprue,to form a casting cluster or assembly.
3.SHELL BUILDING: The shell is built by immersing the assembly in a liquid ceramic slurry and then into a bed of extremely fine sand.Up to eight layers may be applied in this manner.
4.DEMAX: Once the ceramic is dry,the wax is melted out,creating a negative impression of the assembly within the shell.
5.CONVENTIONAL CASTING: In the conventional process,the shell is filled with molten metal by gravity pouring.As the metal cools, the parts and gates,spure and pouring cup become one solid casting.
6.KNOCKOUT: When the metal has cooled and solidified,the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration or knock-out machine.
7.CUT OFF: The parts are cut away from the central spure using a high speed friction saw.
8.CLEANING AND GRINDING: When the fomred casting parts are finished, they will be cleaned by hand work totally.After that, all the parts will be put in to the grinding machine for spot blasting. After these operations, the metal castings becomes identical to the original wax patterns.
9.HEATTREATMENT: Once the parts for Jcb bucket teeth are finished by cleaning, they will be put in to heattreatment machine , in order to get a good harness and anti-wearness,as well as good impact performance.
10.PAINTING: Sprat painting method is used to paint the parts with different colors. Then they will be given special time for dry,  so that they can be kept as shining and smooth.
11.PACKAGE: Man-made wooden carton is used for package,which is no need for fumigation.
12.SHIPPMENT: When all these work is done, finished products for Jcb bucket teeth is ready to ship to every cornor of the world.

6.Authority certification

excavator bucket tooth

7. There are more model for bucket tooth as follow for you reference:

      Part Number
Model Part Number Model Part Number Model Part Number Model
20X-70-14160 PC60 6I6602 J600 8J2936 SK230LR 230 SIDE CUTTER
20X-70-23161 PC100 4T4702 J700 5K8959 18S For HITACHI55
202-70-12130 PC120 8802 6Y0649 J350 22S For HITACHI70
205-70-19570B PC200 1U3302SYL J300 1U1858  1U1859 25S PC60
F01A205-70-19570C 1U3352SYL J350 1U1878  1U1879 30S PC100
205-70-19570HD 7T3402SYL J400 1U1888  1U1889 J350 35S PC200
207-70-14151-1 PC300 9W8452SYL J460 6200064 40S PC300 For HITACHI240
207-70-14151-201 9W8459 J460 9F5124 45S
207-70-14151HD PC200 9W8559 J550 9J6586 25R12
208-70-14152 PC400 9N4252 J250 6Y5230/2D5572 25R15
208-70-14152HD 9N4302 J300 4J8665 27
208-70-14270 9N4352 J350 4T6695 35
209-70-54210 PC600、650、800 8E4402 J400 4T6699 35T
21N-70-14290 PC1000 PC1250 9N4452 J460 116-7460 230SP
205-70-19570RC PC200 9N4552 J550 116-7461 230ST
205-70-19570RC-2 9J4309 J300 116-7462 X156
205-70-19570RC-3 9N4303 114-0464 X160
207-70-14151RC PC300 4T2353 J350 114-0465 X290
207-70-14151RC-1 PC300 9N4253 J250 114-0466 X400
208-70-14152RC PC400 9N4353 J350 8E7300 X370
208-70-14270RC 9W1453 J450 855-25 X310
209-70-54210RC PC600、650、800 9N4453 J460 6Y0309 D4 955 X410
208-70-14152TL PC400 6Y2553 J550 6Y0359 D5 D6 D7 X500
207-70-14151TL PC300 4T4703 J700 9W2451 D7 D8 156-50
209-70-19570 PC200 4T2303RP J300 9W2452 D8 D9 D8K X156FL
207-70-14151 PC300 9W1453RP J460 4T4501 R500 X156XFL
208-70-14152 PC400 1U3302P J300 4T4502 R500 940X370
423-847-1140 WA500 1U3352P J350 4T5501 D8K D9 D8L 940X400
426-847-1110 WA500 WA600 7T3402P J400 4T5502 D8K D9 D8L 14527863 140
20X-70-14151(PC60) PC60 9W8452P J460 E315 E315 SIDE CUTTER 11530544 210
20X-70-12140(B100) PC100 9W8552P J550 096-4747-4748 E320B SIDE CUTTER 1171-00041 240
20X-70-14151(B100) 1U3302TL/9W8309 J300 2322147 2322148 SIDE CUTTER 1171-01910 290
202-70-12140 PC120 7T3402TL J400 7Y0359 7Y0358   E330 SIDE CUTTER T55GP 360
205-939-7120-F02 PC200 9W8452TL/7T8459 J460 112-2489 SIDE CUTTER E460 460
205-939-7120(3CM) 9W8552TL/9W6559 J550 GET-1 VO360RC 360
205-939-7120(3.5CM) 6I6602TL/107-8609 J600 GET-2 VO460RC 460
205-939-7120(4.0CM) 1U3202WTL/135-8208 J200 220-9089(M-1) TOOTH 1171-01620 210
205-939-7120(4.5CM) 1U3252WTL/135-8258 J250 8J2936 TOOTH 1171-01900 290
205-939-7120(2211) 1U3302WTL/135-9308 J300 220-9089 TOOTH VO360 5.2 360
939-5120(B300 3.5CM) PC300 1U3352WTL J350 220-9093 TOOTH V0360 6.2 360
939-5120(B300 4.0CM) 7T3402WTL J400 18S DH55 E460 5.5 460
939-5120(4.0CM) 1U3252RC J250 2713Y1221 130 E460 6.2 460
939-5120(4.5CM) PC300 1U3302RC J300 2713Y1217 220 1171-00171 210 SIDE CUTTER
939-5120(5.0CM) 1U3352RC J350 DH220(2713-9041) 220 H290 LR 290 SIDE CUTTER
939-5120(5.5CM) 7T3402RC J400 2713Y1219 280 VO460 460 SIDE CUTTER
208-939-3120(4.5CM) PC400 PC450 7T3452RC J450 DH280(2713-9038) 280 19587B THREE BOLT BOARD